PlanClean is a MS Access-based program with following features:


  • Annual survey for all cleaning tasks 
  • Seperation of regular and periodic tasks
  • Cleaning plans by areas
  • Expenses for cleaning staff





  • For the cleaning staff: area with room number
  • Expenses and hours used per area 
  • All periodic tasks and additional customer demands can easily be included
  • Diffrent quality symbol for important rooms.












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  • Daily cleaning
  • Periodic tasks
  • Additional tasks
  • Cost analysis of alternative methods
  • Daily overview of periodic tasks
  • Weekly schedule
  • Work performance
  • Periodic tasks
  • Hours per year
  • Tender lists
  • Print labels for objects
  • Keep your task list on PlanClean server
  • Scan labels with mobile phone and receive tasks to be performed


PlanClean: Used and proven in large hospitals and communities in Scandinavia*

A must for large and small cleaning contractors

Available in 2 languages: English and German